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My recent exhibit in Tiendesitas concluded yesterday. Since taking the images down I’ve decided to post the others here that I’m selling. They are 20×30 images mounted on cintra with hooks installed at the back for easy hanging.The board is think enough if you wish to have it framed yourself, you may remove the hooks. If you wish to purchase one of them, you can email me at rosarioko @ or send me a message on and I will send you the price list and answer a few of your questions. They have not yet been signed by me, but if you wish for me to sign it, I could. If there are any images of any artist that are not on this list that I’ve taken in the past, drop me an inquiry and we’ll see if they’re available.

Check the photographs below.

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Nina Sandejas Marshall Headphones

I’ve been in love with Marshall headphones ever since they came out. I remember ogling them at HMV in Hong Kong before they were sold here years ago. When I finally had them I have to say that they suit me well. I love the whole Marshall look and in my opinion, the sound it produces balances all kinds of music. Of course I listen to rock primarily, but on the days when I’m on a bus or a plane going on a trip somewhere I’d like to have something that’s relatively compact, yet delivers.

Nina Sandejas Marshall Headphones

Listening to music with my Marshall headphones while setting up in the studio

Marshall has been known for the amplifiers you see at gigs, and now they bring the live and loud to you through these headphones. The founder of the company, the late Jim Marshall has been called “The Father of Loud”, funny how this name is close to my heart as his namesake is a legendary music photographer I also admire.

I feel like I have a piece of rock and roll history with me when I’m wearing these.


Now, if you want Marshall headphones, it can be yours by simply doing the following steps:


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Around this time last Sunday, I was in Puerto Galera for work. I was doing a last day coverage of Malasimbo Festival when suddenly Niño Avenido walked into the balcony of the room I was staying and started knocking on the door. I never knew him as a spontaneous guy. He’s “Mr. Plans” to the point that if you think you’re good at planning and organzing, a single thought from him will just completely overshadow whatever you think you’ve got covered (in a good way of course).

I was happy that he followed to Puerto Galera, it was my first time there and he told me that he has been there multiple times. He would go there to escape with just himself and a guitar. I had no idea that the place I was staying in, Coco Aroma, also held a lot of good memories for him, as the owners Kuya Joel and Ate Cora would take him in like the beach bum that he was. I didn’t know these things because despite being friends for 9 years, Nino and I had only been together as a couple for a year. In the 15 years that Coco Aroma has been in existence, I was told that it has seen a lot of amazing moments from some our fellow musicians, making me realize with my love for music, that I ended up somehow, exactly where I needed to be.

Heck, my love for music brought he and I together.


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Last night at Clark, Pampanga there was this media girl, who had access to the photo pit with the restricted Red Hot Chili Peppers photo pass alongside all the other approved photographers. To my dismay, she stayed in front of me dancing and taking selfies of herself with the band in the background. She didn’t have a professional camera with her (fine, I won’t judge based on equipment) but what irked me the most is that with the THREE SONG LIMIT she actually ASKED ME to take a photo of her with the stage as her backdrop.

With all the things she covered during that short time, recording a video of the crowd and of the band, she was unfortunately  unable to take a decent selfie of herself with the stage. When she gestured to hand me her camera so I can take a photo of her, I smiled and with an evil look said, “NO”. Then she made a paawa face na gusto ko lang tadyakan mukha nya. Sarap lang hanapin kung sino yung proud na nagpopost na nasa photo pit na nagseselfie because she sure is the ONLY ONE.


It made me miss the time I shot RHCP in Hong Kong for the first time and I don’t even remember having so many photographers in the pit, or maybe all of us probably just acted like how we were supposed to be — professionals.

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I know it’s a year late, but I was reminded about how I had these photos when Paolo and Sam started posting their anniversary celebration pictures on instagram. I remember how some friends I kept on taking photographs that night just gave up waiting because I didn’t post their pictures soon enough. Well here they are! One year later! haha classic me!

Anyway I wanted to post this because this wedding played a big part in shaping my life the past year all because of a sweet gesture Pao and Sam did, they didn’t even know how massively it would affect Niño and I so I love them even more for that.

Paolo Valenciano and Samantha Godinez

Paolo Valenciano and Sam Godinez Wedding February 7, 2013

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Last February 1, Red Horse celebrated Muziklaban’s 15th year. This 2014 Lunar New Year party introduced The Year of The Horse with a grand set up involving the fusion of legendary rock music with traditional classical instrumentation. A first in the entire existence of Muziklaban, this collaboration makes the whole experience at the grand finals celebration a historical one.


So when I first heard that Manila String Machine was performing with Razorback, Slapshock, A Music Theory and Ely Buendia for the Muziklaban Grand Finals, I recalled the last Nu107 Rock Awards in 2010 where they performed blindfolded amidst pole dancers. This orchestral group has also  played with Urbandub for their Alive Out There 10th Anniversary concert and their constant supply of working with big names never ends, adding to the list Session Road, Stonefree and Six Cycle Mind.


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