Pass The Mic: Ian Tayao of WilaBaliw

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I’m very certain that a lot of people are curious to know even a little bit of what’s inside the mind of Ian Tayao. This seemingly quiet musician releases his energy through his amazing performances, mastering control over his excellent voice despite the dangerous stunts that he does on stage.

I was fortunate enough to actually be able to take a photo of him on a perfect summersault in mid-air in 2006 back when he was in Queso for a collaboration with Parokya ni Edgar and Kamikazee at the MYX Awards (the collab happened again last year, 5 years later):

Ian Tayao back when he was with Queso MYX Awards 2006

A short chat with him revealed lot of great insight when it comes to fans, dance, technology , words that drive him and things that make him jump….

Below are some more quotes from that conversation…. Passing the mic now….


(On dancing and danger:) “Music drives me to move (abnormally). I don’t think about it at all while I’m onstage. Those backflips that I do, I don’t recommend it. It can crack your spine. I don’t even know why I keep doing it. It scares me when I think about it. But when I’m there, I’m there. I don’t settle for anything less.”

“Cockroaches and adrenaline make me jump.”

(On the matter of jumping and landing):   “Land? Oh you mean “crash”. Hahaha. You have to ask the “other me” on that one. That is, if you can catch him… Hahaha. Doesn’t matter, I reckon.”

“Do what you have to do. Whatever that is, make it good.”

“I believe in hard work.”

(On fans expressing admiration)I value peoples outputs. I love the idea of travelling into other peoples bodies, know what they’re thinking. Tap something different. So I wonder how one feels when they talk to me and tell those things. It’s a mutual thing, the admiration. I’m a big fan too. Yes, most of us have the tendency to get fanatical. It’s fun.”

The audience, the stage, lights, music, hysteria, the mess, the technology, I love it.”

(On technical difficulty): “If I have the means to get the best equipment there is and set it up on every show, I would do it in a heartbeat.

“A world without music sounds interesting. Different.”

Live life to the fullest. Measure twice, cut once. Burn the flags. One world”


If you want to see and hear more of Ian Tayao, Wilabaliw will be performing at the Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Grand Finals on January 28 at Aseana City, Magacapagal Avenue.

Click here for more information or log on to Follow Red Horse Beer’s Facebook and Twitter.



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