A Muziklaban Walkthrough


If I had a way of explaining how you get ‘lost in music’, this post would be the closest thing to giving you an example. A contest is a game and this venue is a smorgasbord of different stages, each with their own unique characteristic. There are 4 known stages: one at the extreme sports stage, the Ink tent, the Rakrakan tent and the biggest one of all of course, the main stage where one of the highlights of the night was seeing the Muziklaban finalists and perform in front of so many music fans.

It doesn’t stop there. Within the surrounding area, people have their own games, from tower cups, to daring others to finish a glass of Red Horse Beer under x amount of minutes. At the backstage area, a game could mean figuring out the state-of-the-art coffee machine that no one doesn’t know how to use, playing Xbox (or attempting to).

From my end, even photographers have their own challenges. Yet I just look at these things like a game and then the world becomes a playground. 🙂

My pass wasn’t All Access. I think it’s a test and a great challenge as other photographers had All Access ID’s which allowed them (of all places) to go to the PHOTO PIT, which was banned for photographers who didn’t have this ID for a big first half of the main stage’s festivities. LOL. I was like, Game on!

My belief is you find ways to make do with whatever’s given to you. Find a way to take the shots you want to take. If you weren’t able to, then there are other photographers who were meant to take those photos.

I was actually given a pass to be on stage. It was a huge pass, more like a car pass and I was trying to figure out how I was gonna wear it. Ian Tayao of Wilabaliw actually had a suggestion:

Do you get a free extra life with that? LOL

Like those video games you talk to people to get clues on getting through, most bouncers actually just really want someone to talk to when they’re standing there alone for more than 12 hours.

A bouncer escorted me from the Rakrakan tent back to the mainstage which was I think maybe a kilometer away. I saw a moment and said, “Kuya, wait lang, magpipicture lang ako.

He said, “Ako rin magpipicture ako.”

The Muziklaban main stage from far away

The place was SERIOUSLY HUUUGEEEE and it was overwhelming.

All the other tents: Extreme Sports, Ink & Rakrakan are at the farthest point that you can't see!

Then Kuya bouncer said his camera wasn’t good enough so he was taking a video while using his cellphone light while we were walking, you know those bouncers who flash light on you? Sometimes it’s a cellphone! Haha! Kuya bouncer was trying to take a video of the crowd since we were trying to guess how many people were there that night, probably to show that you worked on this big an event, great for their portfolio (Yes they do have a portfolio, 2 bouncer friends of mine have been collecting photos where they’re seen with the international artists they’ve escorted here and they post it on facebook). Everybody loves to document things! Haha!

BEER TOWER: A normal sight at RHB events. Although when they saw me, they posed and hit the tower making it collapse LOL

I asked Kuya bouncer if there’s been any trouble that night, he said it was relatively peaceful. They just take care of the fans who block the road because they’re too drunk to stand or too hyper to let anyone pass. It was expected, because I went through this crowd to get to the farthest end of it and everyone just seemed generally happy. I actually would have loved to hang out with the crowd, except I have a shot list that I need to cross out.

With the numerous amount of activities that night, man, my shots were definitely limited and you can’t be trigger happy unless you want to run out of memory to seize the unexpected moments.

Especially off stage:

When we arrived backstage there were signs that said, NO HOSPITAL ID, NO ENTRY.

So will the real Kevin Roy please stand up!

BADASS! Kevin Roy with an actual hospital ID! Oh and that's a glow in the dark tattoo he has.

The passes were hospital ID bracelets and Kevin Roy had his Muziklaban side by side with a real one.

Wally Gonzales of Juan Dela Cruz & award winning sound guy Angee Rozul takes on the state of the art CAFFEINE CHALLENGE

FOOD CHALLENGE: The early birds get all the pizza. Guy on the left says to Jett: "Sir eto nalang po yung last batch ng pizza"

Kevin Roy says, "Sorry man, Ely & I got first dibs on the bean bags"

POWER NAP: Your host for Muziklaban Francis Brew recharges for optimum performance!!!


XBOX Kinect Challenge: Pepe Smith OWNED IT.

Alright Tirso!

Isok (Wilabaliw) watching Francis Brew make his own sound effects while playing Kinect

At the end of the night Francis beat all the high scores of everyone who played and even after three bottles of Red Horse Beer he was first place. Haha


I wasn't done eating thus the separated spoon & fork. Niño Avenido took my extra rice. Photo by Nicole Asensio

Around dinnertime, I saw Nicole Asensio of General Luna who had a really really cute hat! We were both wearing red pants and she told me to wear her hat and took this photo of me. Then later on she was fighting to get it back from keyboardist Nikki Cabardo.


As the night went on, it became more and more difficult to catch the musicians for a photo. You can guess whyyyyy….

Tirso Ripoll (Razorback) & Kim Marvilla

Niño Avenido (Greyhounds), Ian Tayao (Wilabaiw), Nikki Cabardo

Wendell Garcia (Pupil / Kjwan) and Kakoy Legaspi

RIDDLES: Kakoi Legaspi won't allow me to take a photo unless I answer the Q: "WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE ONLINE?" Lol

HULI KAYO! Biboy, Ocho Toleran and Ian Tayao's way of saying "Cheese!"

Anyway, this whole event wouldn’t happen if it were not for the support that Red Horse gives to amateur artists.  Among all the finalists, David Vs. Goliath from Davao won the grand prize.

David Vs. Goliath Red Horse Ber Muziklaban Champions 2011 Photo by Jep Señir

The point of Muziklaban is to help these artists get a chance to showcase their music to a very very wide audience. This has been an annual event for 13 years and I’ve seen how they’ve supported a lot of artists through the years. Belief and support is the best thing that could ever happen to an artist. For where would we be without those who urge us to shine.

David Vs. Goliath Photos by Jep Señir

David Vs. Goliath with hosts Francis Brew & Lovi Poe, Ms. Anne Ablaza, Red Horse Beer Brand Manager & Mr. Vince Dizon, Assistant Brand Manager (Photo by Jep Señir)

On small doses we can treat everything as a game, but sometimes when it gets really serious and we feel lost in all the hustle and bustle of everything, overwhelmed with the daunting task of sharing the talent that we have, we just have to let go and trust that there’s a higher power at work all for our well-being. The path to greatness isn’t just about overcoming a series of obstacles, but to just trust that there are already plans laid out for you if you only just believe.

Wilabaliw inspired me when I keep seeing them gather in prayer before a performance

I haven’t looked at all my photos, but I’d like to believe that despite the limitations and just having fun wherever I went, at the end of the night, I would have gotten only just what I deserve and exactly what I need.

PAGOD: Good night!!!

I got home at 5am as I would have expected and woke up early today in excitement because I wanted to post an entry. I’ve lots of performance photos to post soon! Follow Red Horse Beer on Facebook and Twitter and keep checking their official website for updates!

Thanks to 1/3 of my team last night Jep Señir for the David Vs. Goliath photos above, because you woke up the earliest. HAHAHA

and for photobombing my supposed crowd shot last night.

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  1. tzu

    These are all amazing photos miss Niña! If you don’t mind me asking, what lens/lenses did you use for taking these? 🙂 I loved the wide angle feel of it all! Thanks for being a huge inspiration! 🙂

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    […] Read last year’s post. Happiness to be able to walk around and listen to all the musicians stories so I can come up with these blog posts and at the same time run to the pit to take photos and go backstage and observe everyone was a treat. Bracelets won’t do, even if bouncers are told they can go anywhere, to them as long as there are IDs that say AAA, the rest are all a level below that. Makes sense, why create an AAA if there are other passes (or combinations of them that can power you up to AAA level, haha, so video-game-ish) My job may look like I’m totally not working and just hanging out, but hey, I still get the stories. Like I heard, “I’m not a spy. I’m a journalist, which is a glorified spy.” Hahaha. I need a bit (actually A LOT) of freedom to do my job well. Haha. I am the enemy. […]

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