Laneway: Forget me not February

laneway festival photo team

Despite being a leap year and having an extra day, February  made sure to make the most out of it’s special trait in 2012 by making sure it wasn’t to be forgotten.

After the Red Horse Beer Grand Finals, I was preparing to fly to Singapore for Kasabian (you probably read that before) and to work on this year’s Laneway Festival. I was supposed to shoot during the first one, but last minute I couldn’t fly because it was only two months since the demise of NU107 and our grieving wasn’t complete. Our brains we’re all over the place and I passed on the chance to experience a mini-Glastonbury with heavy rain and so much mud!

I came prepared this year, but it rained for like 2 minutes…. It would have been a really stressful but memorable experience (trying to protect our equipment haha)

To be in the crew side of renowned festivals like this isn’t an easy task. A lot of friends whom I bumped into at the festival said, “Oh you’re so lucky!” Really, it’s a lot of hard work.

Good thing I was part of a really really awesome team headed by Aloysius Lim together with Glenn Yong (or as he’d like to be called by his stage name Glenn Taubenfeld), the admirable artist Dawn Chua and the shy but slick Ryan Chang.

While  everyone had their booklets signed by the artists, I had it signed by my teammates like a year book!

I had my pass signed by Anna Calvi of course, and Toro Y Moi when he went to Manila. I forgot to bring it when Pains of Being Pure at Heart played in Manila. I also heard the guitar player from The Drums went with them too when they got here.

The day before Aloy and I checked out the venue.

This photo reminds me of this one two years ago

But even though this one in SINGFEST was taken on the 3rd day (I should be more stressed) we just saw Ian Brown (Stone Roses) soundcheck on stage singing The Beatles’ “Michelle” and we clapped, the few of us who were on the field and he took a bow for us! EPIC!!!!!!!!!

I grabbed these photos of me below from Dawn’s facebook, haha! She loved my 20mm 1.8 lens!

Fish face from eating too much coupled with the fact that I was behind Anna Calvi in the buffet line | Photo by Dawn Chua

Photo by Dawn Chua

This was a funny moment. I told them I was going to go to the “Portalet” as we’d all call it in Manila:

Glenn: “What?”

Me: “I’m going to use the portalet”

Glenn: “Why don’t you just call it TOILET”

Me: “Well because it’s a portalet = a portable toilet!”

Haha fine, I’ll take note of just calling it toilet.

Glenn had been creeping up on us the whole day.... Freaky like paparazzi | Photo by Dawn Chua

Like this photo for example, Glenn caught us by surprise! | Photo by Glenn Taubenfeld

I wanted to see all of them again (and as I type this I’m only supposed to be flying back to Manila from Singapore – having already watched Foo Fighters, but alas, Dave Grohl cancelled). So I’m working on this post Back and Forth is playing on screen. I promise you all we will be reunited sooner or later!!! Hahaha!

Trying out Glenn's 85mm 1.2 | Photo by Dawn Chua

At least I have last photo with my stupid mediocre hair. It’s time to live on the edge this 2012! Haha!

ON THE EDGE OF THE STAGE: Aloy and I after M83's set!..

So crossing my fingers that I will..


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