MYX Music Awards 2012


Mr C: Anong masmasarap? Iced tea or award? LOL

This year’s MYX Awards had a 70s theme. I guess you can expect the rockstars to NOT follow the dress code hahaha. I guess when the schedule of the airing on TV is out you can expect a lot of pop songs and rock songs arranged to sound like it was a retro song. You’ll be surprised when you hear the songs, it’s brought new life to some of them.

Nicole: Who is this boy eating beside me?!?!

"Gusto mo ng Pizza?" Vinci Montaner accepts the Picha Pie Award from Ely Buendia

More photos from before, after and in-between the show below. 


Caren arrives and checks out my food.

While Nicole and I are busy talking.....

I realize my food is gone and gets mad at Caren. HAHAHA Look at our faces!!! Even the guy at the table behind us reacted!

VJ Chino and Francis Brew pay tribute to the late Karl Roy

Earlier that day we were shocked to hear the news of the passing of one of the most iconic musicians in the industry, Karl Roy.

Our seatmates Divine Lee and Victor Basa

MIGGY, GLOC-9 and CHITO with MUMU ON THE LEFT hahaha! Gab getting cheeky!!!

Monty and Somedaydream

General Luna has a youtube account where they post silly videos of themselves and stupid interviews with musicians who are game to answer the weirdest questions. There’s actually a segment where we were waiting for the popstars to arrive and I don’t know if the dialogue can be heard but we were like, “Who’s that? Is that her?” hahaha!

Alex interviewing Vinci

Caren interviewing Never The Strangers.

Audry interviewing Chito


Audry interviewing Francis Brew: Last question was, "Are you willing to dress up as Winnie The Pooh?" LOL



Random. Gusto ko lang isama picture ni Jerico Rosales sumasayaw

Mr. C: Ryan Cayabyab wins the MYX Magna Award this year

PUPIL wins Video of The Year for 20/20: Director Jason Tan and PUPIL Manager Day Cabuhat

Director Marie Jamora and Director Jason Tan

Hay nako kumakain nanaman si Caren

Of course, you don't expect me to miss the after party

The after party was held at a bar called Citizen in the area of City Golf in Ortigas..

View from the top

Vinci photobombing Ely

Jay Server at the MYX afterparty!



Vinci and Mong

MONG USING MY CAMERA: Mong is an awesome photographer, too, but yeah we were discussing how the focusing of the FUJI X100 can be really slow)



Mong probably read about my post with his "usual face" so he's making ugly faces now

VJ Joyce probably trying to figure out if it's TedMark she's talking to or his alter ego "Antoine" LOL

Hello world. Meet the ultra-suave "Antoine" (TedMark's alter ego)


Buwi and Dindin: Buwi probably wondering why his hand doubled in size. WHAT A TRIP! Haha


with PUPIL manager and certified M.D. Dr. Day Cabuhat! Yeah!

M&M: Miggy and Miro.... Miggy is drunk heeheee!!!

Janine successful in making TedMark stop smiling!

Uuuyyy that's probably Pochoy! hahaha

We closed down the place, the waiters were half asleep downstairs all waiting for us to leave, haha!

You know you’re getting home late when there are people jogging past you on your way to the car.

Until the next year!

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