Karl Roy: Everyone’s Kapatid


How do I describe this? It’s not like any other event I go to, it’s the same faces, same musicians, same people, same set up. There were tents outside, a stage for jamming — it was like the ultimate backstage in a big event, except there was one who wasn’t physically present…

Karl Roy was sorely missed. It wasn’t a party without him, but despite the looming sadness, everyone celebrated the colorful life he lived. We saw old friends, and all our conversations about were the happy moments we spent with Karl — even the crazy ones made us all laugh. You just have to expect Karl to bring us all together and make it a big celebration as how he would have wanted it.

He may not be there to joke around and make silly faces, but he was definitely present in everyone who went with a story of how Karl made an impact in our lives.

Karl Roy's shades

I went back to the wake thrice. I could see the love brought by everyone who arrived and despite knowing that this is a big loss to the music community, I felt it even more by being there. There was a board up by the entrance, where people could post their photos of and messages to Karl. By the 3rd day it was filled. I wasn’t able to have my photos of him printed and placed on the wall, it was enough for me to see everyone else’s photos of him.

Last time I saw him was at B-Side, where I saw him smiling a lot while waiting for his turn to perform. It was a good thing to see him so happy and giving a great performance. It was a good last memory of him to have.

After the wake every night, friends continued the party over at Big Sky Mind. Some celebrated at the parking lot. Everywhere you went, friends and fans alike drank to the amazing life that Karl lived and the legacy he’s left us. He will be celebrated for many lifetimes from here on end as how Kevin described how he lived in this particular life – Karl has had many lives in his 43 years here on Earth.

P.O.T: Mali Paraguya and Ian Umali performed with Kevin singing Karl’s parts.

Even the last moments we could be close to him he was up front, on stage, in the spotlight.

He will be one of the greatest rockstars in the whole history of our music scene. His greatness wasn’t limited to just the stage, but how he acted like a brother to all of us.

We love you Karl.


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