Concert Ng Bayan: Coca-Cola Philippines


The Concert Ng Bayan celebrating Coca-Cola’s 100th year happened at the perfect time since it’s start of the summer season. Almost everyone I know are done with school and a lot of kids just graduated. I’m sure everyone was looking for a party on a Friday night and this was a huge event that wasn’t so hard to miss. The whole event was streamed live over at so it could be watched by everyone nationwide. People saw it from SM Baguio, SM Lucena, SM Cebu and SM Davao. 

The performers last night were  Parokya ni Edgar with Gloc 9, Wolfgang, Sandwich with Jay Durias, 6-Cycle Mind with Eunice & Kleggy, Callalily with Ebe Dancel, Rico Blanco with Never the Strangers, Itchyworms, SpongeCola with Chicosci, Pupil and DJ QYork. 

Sarah Geronimo, Gary Valenciano and Somedaydream collaborated for the Coca-Cola Anthem “Tuloy” which they performed before Craig David‘s set.

One of the highlights of the event was the huge building projection of the Coca-Cola bottle. It was a video montage of different Coca-Cola bottles through the years starting from the very first 100 years ago til the latest bottle design this 2012.

I used to collect a lot of Coca-Cola cans from all over the world. I don’t know where they all went. I think when I started watching Bio channel I got scared about having a messy house and gave it away. Speaking of which, I’ve been to many festivals and know the mess that gets left behind with every event from all the drinking cups and other disposables, but I found out that Coca-Cola reminded everyone about the importance of proper garbage disposal at the event. Apparently they have the Live Positively commitment and specially designed mesh bins were set-up all over the venue.

I went to the concert grounds as early as I could and saw the MYX VJs doing their thing over at the big Coca-Cola wall board.

Raimund Marasigan with VJs Bianca Roque and Chino Lui-Pio

VJ Bianca and Chino were discussing Raimund Marasigan’s 70s outfit at the recent MYX Music Awards where he almost wasn’t able to get in because no one recognized him in a long haired wig and flared pants. Haha!

Rez of Somedaydream and MYX VJ Chino Lui-Pio

During dinner break we saw Somedaydream with this gadget called the OP-1. I’ve seen it before and he mentioned it was in the Swedish House Mafia’s music video where he initially thought it was a prop. I thought it was a prop, too. Bianca and Chino tried it out and pretended to be popstars making music.

Parokya ni Edgar arrived in time for their set and watched a bit of Dindin while he played Draw Something, haha!

Yes Mong, he really poses a lot to compensate for his lack of social media presence

Tedmark of Spongecola and Miggy Chavez of Chicosci

Chicosci and Spongecola rehearsal photos from Concert ng Bayan

Photo by Haw Santiago

Made Ely listen to a new song by a new band! Weee!!!


Chicosci checking out their photos after their performance.

With Dave Delfin and Paolo Manuel before they play for Rico Blanco. Actually Haw just wanted to try out the FUJI X100

Angee teddy bearrr!!!!

Parokya ni Edgar is always a hit in any event, may it be big or small, especially when it’s BIG.

On our way to the stage I told Buwi that I’m calling Parokya ni Edgar an Arena Rock band, well, Pop-Rock (for Pop Rockers LOL), but they can handle a crowd in the thousands pretty easily.

I spotted Caloy, Coca-Cola’s President for Happiness in the front row watching Parokya ni Edgar and he had a fanboy moment when they waved at him.

Caloy, Coca-Cola President for Happiness


Gloc-9 collaborated with Wolfgang, but he also has a song together with Parokya Ni Edgar called “One Hit Combo”.

Gloc-9 with Vinci Montaner of Parokya Ni Edgar after their set.

Gloc-9, Vinci and Darius

Before Craig David went onstage, a really elaborate Fireworks display occurred and everyone just paused and looked up in awe.

Rico Blanco watching the fireworks with Never The Strangers

With Dave & Paolo and Never The Strangers | Photo by Haw Santiago

After that they started the Coca-Cola building projection. It was amazing since you can imagine something this small…


Craig David photo by Haw Santiago

I waited until the last band which was Pupil. Despite it being so late, the wait was so worth it. If Coca-Cola lasted 100 years, I could definitely stay until 3am! Haha!

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