HOLY MONDAY! Party of The Year!!!



I celebrated my birthday last March 30th. I don’t normally celebrate. Usually, I’d be out at a gig and someone would give me a birthday cake and a small group of people would start singing. For some reason, I felt like I had to throw a party this year. After all when you turn 29, you find the need to celebrate since you won’t be in your twenties anymore. I think I threw a children’s party on my 12th birthday, with really small tables because I had that feeling then that it should be different when you’re a teenager, and it did change. The moment I turned 13 I was a rebel in the making, trying to finding my place… I wore Megadeth to Nirvana shirts then I tried out baggy pants. From listening to heavy metal and grunge I explored hiphop and then found myself in the club scene before I turned 18.

When I graduated highschool, I met the people who were going to lead me to where I am now and despite dismissing all my friends’ claims that rock was where my heart belonged, it was actually true. Music is one of the glues that keep people together. You may not like someone, but admire their taste in music and I actually feel VERY VERY blessed because I have friends that I admire so much.

Jorel Corpus, one of my bestest friends and a very awesome musician / producer that I admire, is leaving again to continue his studies in Berklee School of Music in Boston tomorrow. It wasn’t all that hard to invite our friends because almost all our friends know each other anyway.

So this whole party was organized in probably a little over 24 hours. KJWAN’s keyboardist Inky De Dios volunteered his LOVELY LOVELY house (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!) and Jorel and I went speed shopping for goodies for the party. I invited some people and Jorel invited some of his friends as well. Since we both have the same friends, I sent text messages to some saying that it’s my birthday party and Jorel sent the same message saying it was his “GO AWAY” party.

So someone got confused.

Spongecola drummer TedMark Cruz sent me a text message:

TedMark is really funny!!!

That’s TedMark on the left. Janine on the right. Tedmark even tweeted me on the day itself telling me that I should have believed him.

[tweet https://twitter.com/tmacvibe/status/186728975299645440]

I showed almost everyone his text message and he started blaming Pochoy. “SIYA ANG SIMULA” LOL

Jorel and I had half a mind of feeding them garbage scraps for dinner.

Before everyone arrived, I asked Jorel to bring me insect repellant. He said that he was going to bring OFF for me.  Jorel gave me an aerosol can which I thought was one of those spray-on things….

I was in a hurry so when I took it from Jorel, I complained why what he brought was so oily, then he went, “WHAT? SPNRAY MO SA SARILI MO? EH PARANG BAYGON YAN EH!”

BADTRIP: Jorel planning things behind my back.

Obviously I didn’t read it. I screamed, “SABOTAGE!!! PARTY HIJACKER!” as I rushed to the restroom to try and remove all the chemicals from my skin. Even though I think I removed all the spray, mosquitoes stopped bothering me. There were two more incidents last night similar to this where I didn’t read instructions again but it’s not as bad as spraying yourself with BAYGON. If someone gave me rat poison and I would have mistook it for bacon bits.

I was full by the time people arrived because Inky kept on testing his “state of the art” grill and feeding us with his experiments.

Jorel looks like he’s on military duty stripping all the raw corn.

The best part of the night was when Jorel suddenly appeared with a BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR ME!!!!

The number 3 doesn’t mean my 30th year, I’m 29. The real story behind this was when I was about 9 or 10 years old I attended this Halloween party and won the award for 3RD CUTEST (I was wearing a witch costume). I didn’t give it much thought then until fairly recently I realized that it wasn’t just about giving all the kids consolation prizes disguised as awards, but the fact that there exists THREE LEVELS OF CUTENESS and I was LAST PLACE.

It became a joke, and then Jorel put number 3 to remind me of it. So thank you Jorel for the 3RD CUTEST CAKE.

I was genuinely surprised because it’s supposed to be Jorel’s celebration too, but he went out of his way to buy me a cake!!! HE EVEN SPOKE TO FRANCIS AND KERIN ABOUT IT AND THEY KEPT IT FROM ME!!!!! TRAITORS!!! hahaha

That’s probably why Kerin gave me a piece of Maltesers because if I start with one she knew I was going to look for more chocolate. I never understood that one piece and hated her for being so greedy, but I started to look for chocolate and then Jorel started singing.


Audry touching the cake when I wasn’t looking!!!

with Miguel Dayanghirang of Malay and Audry Dionisio of General Luna

Jorel with Jem Ferrer and Carisse Escueta

Jorel and I with Paolo Valenciano and Sam Godinez

Chesca and TJ Brillantes

Me, TJ, Jorel and Inky eating corn

Ian Tayao (WilaBaliW) and Niño Avenido (Greyhoundz)

TedMark still not happy. Jorel and I with Ian Tayao and Niño Avenido

Photobombing Inky and Sam

Francis, Japs, TJ and Inky

Martin and Roanna. Roanna’s trying not to show how much food she’s about to eat

Janine Ramirez and Pochoy Labog

Miguel teasing Audry

Boogie doing the boogie


Jorel with Enzo Marcos KJWAN's Walang Kaso music video director and vocalist of SEVERO

Miguel and Enzo


with Nathan Azarcon (HIJO) and Sarah Gonzales

Roanna being freaky

and another one...

Nathan being freaky. Haha!

Niño Avenido being freaky

inky De Dios, stylish when on the grill....


Inky... harrassed after all the cooking

Nix Puno

Me and Jorel with Niño Hernandez and Julianne Tarroja

Pochoy, Janine, Inky, Annie, Julie and Abby

Kelley and Inky of KJWAN with Janine and Pochoy Labog

Miks Bersales of Salamin


Niño should be spelled A.N.G.S.T.

Probably the reason why the Happy Meals broke up... NOT. Haha

Happy Meals + Casas

BASSISTS!!! Niño, Japs, Miguel, Nathan and Dave!!! Niño's FACE! :/ Inky photobombing haha

Paolo Valenciano cannot shut his mind off. Haha

PESO MOVEMENT: Francis Brew, Japs Sergio and Kurt Floresca

Dave Delfin bassist of Rico Blanco and Calde of Chicosci

Raf Camus took over chef duties and basically cooked all the food for all the guests haha thank you!


Alden Abaca of MALAY

Sam and Chesca

Kerin Ching with Ian Tayao

Odin Fernandez and Boogie Romero


Basically the rest of the photos from this point on are probably all going downhill for everyone haha. I think the only two things I remember is that it is General Luna’s drummer Bea Lao’s birthday today and she arrived and we celebrated some more…

Me and Bea

and Ian Tayao was talking with grand hand gestures that while I was passing by he accidentally hit me real hard on the face and I almost cried if Niño Avenido didn’t scold me for being too “maarte”. KAINESS!!! It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to! Hahaha!

I think it’s a good thing that ALL THE ALCOHOL, EVERY LAST DROP OF IT WAS CONSUMED otherwise we would have all gone home when the sun was already up.

Ian probably doesn't remember this. I don't. Haha.

Audry and Ian. Janine photobombing

Pochoy with Janine. She taught me a new word today: KILIGITY haha


Niño with black lipstick hahaha RAK



Paolo Manuel still eating!!!!!



Paolo, Tenten, Nini, Ian, Francis and Vinci

I realized that some of the people we invited haven’t seen each other for ages and I don’t know what it was about this party. It’s a send off for Jorel, but at the same time a reunion of sorts. Sometimes touring and gigs that happen all in the same day never leave some time or reason to get together.

Sometimes you leave a gathering with disjointed memories, but what’s left when you wake up the next day is that vague feeling you have from the combination of all the conversations, the stupid moves and the nonesense laughter. Despite all the messages we got on twitter and on our phones about how everyone has a headache or a hangover today, it was worth it investing time with the company of great friends who are all here now because of the music.

I guess I got my birthday wish. Which is for everyone to be happy and I’m wishing Jorel a safe trip too back to the US and hopefully we’ll all get to visit him in his amazing school.


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AND THANK YOU JOREL FOR BRINGING ME HOME and made me sit in the car beside your “true to form” friend. Haha

[tweet https://twitter.com/jorelpogi/status/187037563918364673]






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