Gary V: On Higher Ground

Gary Valenciano On Higher Ground

My earliest memory of watching Gary V was when he performed in St. Paul Pasig. I can’t remember what year it was. All I remember was that it was a powerful show and I know I was singing and dancing and that it left a long lasting impression of how Gary V was “THE” Performer and everywhere he goes, whatever he does is a show. True enough, I saw him fairly recently, at Coca-Cola’s 100 years event where during soundcheck he performed as if there were already thousands of people in front of him (there were just a handful). I was floored by his charisma on stage.

So I was excited when Paolo Valenciano invited me to catch Gary V’s series of concerts called “On Higher Ground” which is actually his first project as Associate Director of the show alongside his father.

The event was a visual spectacle that showcased Gary V’s musical diversity. There were detailed projections flashed throughout the set that interacted with the performers. Something that probably photos wouldn’t give justice to, which means you have to see the show for yourself. It was amazing how cameras were allowed and Gary V didn’t mind people having their gadgets put up while he performed and assumed that the videos will be on youtube soon yet told everyone it was alright. I love how he understood people’s need to remember moments, especially the ones that make them happy, in this case, fans seeing him perform both old and new songs.

He even sang “Each Passing Night” ang my heart stopped. On the future dates Sarah Geronimo will be performing this song with him.

Throughout the concert he kept on mentioning the pressure of being called “Mr. Pure Energy” as he is already 47 years old and is now on his 29th year in his career. The reason why I probably don’t remember what year it was when he performed at my school is probably because I don’t equate his artistry to a certain period. His works and performances are timeless. The memory that I have of him is that he doesn’t age and for me, how he performed then is how he performs now and THAT is very inspiring.

He said a line from Psalm 92:14 “They still bear fruit in old age; they are ever full of sap and green” and said that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams because dreams are meant to come true. He also mentioned his dad who’s 81 years old is a photographer and that if he was there last night he would be taking photos of the concert.

Then he asked the audience if there were aspiring songwriters. He said anyone could be songwriters and can write a great song as long as it comes from the heart.

I could relate when I made a song for the last movie I worked on with my brother and I knew nothing about music and chords and just had Francis arrange it for me, we won a Star Award for that. I thought it was just luck, but when Gary V said something about sometimes he doesn’t know what chord he does I realized that making music doesn’t require you to know a lot of technical stuff. Hope at last! Haha!

with Juan Miguel Salvador

with Sho Hikino guitarist of Salamin

Performing with Julianne



Congratulations and thank you to Paolo Valenciano for inviting me, you are the coolest.

GARY V’s On Higher Ground remaining showdates are April 13, 19, 20, 26, and 27; and May 9 and 10. The show will be for the benefit of UNICEF and Shining Light Foundation. For tickets contact TICKETNET, Music Museum or Manila Genesis.



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  1. Jamy - /JAH-mee/

    OMG, Ate Nina Sandejas, you take really cool pictures. How I wish I get invited in concerts/events. But unfortunately I just usually go, buying the ticket…the usual thing. I really look up to you. I hope I could be like you in the future. 🙂

  2. Edwin Arceo

    I’m sooo envious! I thought we can’t have DSLRs in the concert hall. 8-( Oh well, I just blogged about because I was truly blessed.

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