The Muziklaban 2012 Kick Off


Every musician desires to be in the company of their heroes. A lot of people are happy to just dream about it but being Muziklaban, you get to see  how that can actually happen. 2012 marks the 14th year of the Muziklaban campaign and during the recent Rakrakan Series XVI in Blue Wave, all of your favorite bands were there: Slapshock, Wilabaliw, Greyhoundz, KJWAN and Razorback.

Francis Brew hosted part of the Rakrakan Series XVI. Francis has for many years, bridged the gap between amateur bands to join the ranks of great musicians with his former show in NU107’s “In The Raw”. He introduced the past Muziklaban winners as well as the five main bands at the Rakrakan event.

His opinion on a certain kind of music, when he says there is a potential in it, there really is. A visionary, I guess, but then I think it’s just having to go through dozens of demos in NU107 before and finding that heart-stopping sound. There’s always that great one that rises above the rest who just needs the right opportunity to finally get out there.

So to all amateur bands out there, this year’s Muziklaban competition will probably might be what you’ve been waiting for.

Francis telling the audience how to pay respect to their heroes, not with a handshake but a ‘mano’ with “Tito Tirso” Haha.

Razorback’s set.



Marc Abaya of KJWAN watched Greyhoundz set and said hi to Niño Avenido.






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