The Brand New 70s


I know this is so late, but being way up north, I rarely go to 70s Bistro. I’ve heard of it’s major renovation and reopening late last year, but this was the first time I was able to actually see what it now looks like. We were in awe. High ceilings, better airconditioning (haha). Although the billing outside was still basically what it was, Peso Movement,  upon seeing their name up on a sign, were so giddy like highschool boys with a new band. It was really funny.

Last Tuesday, Peso Movement, Mayonaise and Kalayo performed. It was a special night because it was a despedida gig of sorts for Sammy Ansuncion who’s leaving for Paris for a vacation.

Kalayo never fails to blow me away with their sets. I’ve seen Sammy play with Spy, Pinikpikan and whenever you see him perform, he really becomes the guitar legend that everyone calls him to be.

Mayonaise of course, is always entertaining to watch. I always, ALWAYS sing along to their songs.

Anyway, no more dark 70s bistro photos, like the ones I’ve taken before. This time around it’s actually too bright, haha. But like always, 70s Bistro has been part of our colorful world and the spectrum of hues of  bright lights actually make it much harder to take photos this time around, haha.

More below…




Peso boys watching

Kerin Ching and a masungit Niño Avenido

The legend: Sammy Asuncion of Kalayo

Deej Rodriguez

Louie Talan

Bayang Barrios sang with Kalayo

Cookie Chua also jammed

Sammy and Cookie


Sammy, Cooky and Bayang after the gig

Kurt Floresca of Peso Movement has always been a fan of Cooky and finally he had a photo with her

…and now look at that faaceee hahaha

Niño Avenido masungit parin

Japs and Budeths: I have honestly NEVER seen Japs do a pose like this with someone else haha

Guitarists: Sammy and Francis

MY WINNING SHOT: While Niño Avenido was explaining what his role would be if he joined Kalayo… he’d be in a bird costume dancing in the background hahahaha!!!


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