Monkey Monkey! When I fell during a gig!

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A few days ago, I posted a status on twitter about how I got slammed onto a table full of bottles and broken glasses. So here’s how it happened:

It was a monkey day for WilaBaliW as they had 2 gigs, one in 12 Monkeys in Makati and the next one was in Funky Monkey way, way up north – in Fairview.

A really rowdy crowd is normal at the rock gigs that I go to. Your popstars? Your pop-rock stars? SORRY, I can compare and they can’t compete with the kind of crowd I always experience with the rock gigs that I go to.

I’ve been pushed, hit in the head and got wet with beer and It’s very normal. Except this time it was the first time I actually semi-destroyed property, HAHAHAHA. There was a couple who was sitting on the table I slammed onto and they stood up out of fear. I was scared at first, then I felt so relieved nothing happened to me, then hours and days later I started getting all sorts of thoughts about how it could have destroyed my camera, only 3 weeks with me!

The funny thing about all of it is that I actually saved my camera which is why I fell. I could have used my hands to hold on to something, but I decided to just fall on my side or back (or side-back, whatever) to protect my camera.

I said that the photo I was trying to take should be worth it, but it isn’t. It’s a normal photo. I wasn’t looking for danger anyway, danger came to me. If my intention was to get a dangerous photo I would have something different.


Anyway, the photo just looks near to the crowd, but I wasn’t really directly behind them. It was dark and apparently I took a snapshot of the table right beside the one I landed on the way down. Haha.


Crash landing

People helped the drunken guy while everyone ignored me. I looked like I was fine, but I actually stood still for a while trying to feel if I have cuts on my arms and thought that I couldn’t feel it because of the adrenaline. I looked at Nino and wanted to make paawa but then it’s a good thing he didn’t see me otherwise he would have put his bass down and it would have temporarily halted the gig, haha!

WilaBaliw in Funky Monkey

Glad this didn’t happen in 12 Monkeys in Makati because that would be a scandal. 12 Monkey is a more sosyal 19East, except right now it’s a rock and roll place for those who can pay and for those who are actually just having dinner before the place turns into Opus. The food is amazing I must say. It’s like Opus when they started bringing in bands. A 19East – Opus place. It’s like a more formal Alphonse, with receptionists.


WilaBaliW earlier that night in 12 Monkeys
WilaBaliW earlier that night in 12 Monkeys

ANYWAY, I’m more at home in gigs like this even though it was my first time in Funky Monkey, it’s not really far from all the Rakista or Red Horse Beer events I go to out of town. Also… food, food all around. I never got hungry at gigs like these, while the better bars give you nothing to the basic employee meal.

Everything is just so rock and roll like how you, my usual reader, know the gigs that I or WE go to. I like these places because as a photographer you get better photos when things get difficult. Can I just say how easy it is to take photos at a major concert with big stage and nice lights. In places like this? I suggest you take on my challenge and be creative about it.

More fun in Funky Monkey

I was only planning to take that one photo above but since I got slammed, I decided to make the night worth it and take more photos. I didn’t bring my full battle gear, only brought the NEX 16mm 2.8 lens for the Sony a7r (24mm equivalent on APS-C mode). It’s my normal set-up because I wanted to take photos like these:

_DSC0145 _DSC0157 _DSC0165 _DSC0171 _DSC0178


Wasn’t really planning on taking full gig shots but then sometimes you just can’t help it. I even asked Niño earlier that night, “Do you want me to take photos?” (because seriously sobrang tinatamad ako) and he said, “Up to you, but it would help if you did.” (Which actually means, YES I WANT YOU TO TAKE PHOTOS AND I WILL FEEL BAD IF YOU DIDN’T) I was even supposed to go home after 12 Monkeys but decided to go straight to Fairview. So, VOILA!






So I came out alive and my mother did not comment on that post and did not comment when she heard me tell everyone the story over dinner. I don’t know what’s going on in her head, haha. I remember that one gig where I took a photo of Ian running from the moshpit she asked, “Yan yung mga pinupuntahan mo?” I just said yes and she didn’t react. I know you worry, mom, but it’s alll gooood.

I believe that beauty isn’t without its risks. If you do stuff that everyone else is doing, you’ll end up like everyone else. If you put yourself out there even just a little bit each time, you’re not straying from your path, but making a new one.

No pain, no gain, baybeh.



  1. Think only photographers/videographers would understand taking the fall for the love of our gear! Funny, but it comes naturally, in rain – takpan agad ang camera hayaan nang mabasa ang sarili! Same with falling! lol Glad to hear walang sugat and walang nabasag na gear!

    • Hahah yes, it’s like a cat instinct, you have to land on your feet. With photographers, you have to make sure your camera won’t hit the ground haha.

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