San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest 2014

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To give you an idea of how much beer there was at the SMB Oktoberfest in Greenfield District last night, there was a constant mist of beer coming out of several humongous beer bottles to cool the crowd. To make it even more fun, there were these trigger happy ‘beer men’ who walked around with kegs of beer hosing down everyone in sight, making sure everyone gets a taste of beer.

The biggest beer festival in the country kicks off with a powerful show with Rivermaya singing the Oktoberfest anthem. Seeing Rivermaya again after such a long time was one of my personal highlights, especially seeing Mike Elgar sing and dive into a moshpit as he got carried and tossed around by crazy fans.

It was also a treat Alice Dixon there, who actually showed interest in jamming with Greyhoundz earlier that evening (I was even supposed to talk to her, but I’m not Greyhoundz’ manager, haha) but since the band was going to play later on in the evening, she ended up dancing on stage with Kjwan who performed earlier. She was so eager to party!

Pepe Smith is THE man, his humor is boundless. When Ruffa Gutierrez was called, Pepe Smith was the one who came out on stage stealing a bit of the actresses limelight. He got more cheers than Daniel Matsunaga, FYI, haha.

Main bands 6cyclemind, Pupil, Greyhoundz with Loonie and B-boy of Queso, Kjwan and Slapshock performed their first songs with a live remix of top DJs like Deuce Manila, Couchlab, Ace Ramos and Mars Miranda, because kids, you’re all about EDM nowadays sigh.

The much elusive performance of Greyhoundz with Loonie  and B-Boy performing “Ang Bagong Ako” was a treat, since it’s only the 2nd time they’ve performed it publicly after the release of their video (the first one was during the Brgy. Tibay anniversary at 70s Bistro early this year)

Slapshock closed the set wearing futuristic skull masks, made the crowd jump so hard that you could feel the ground shake a bit. If you weren’t there, well here are some photos for you to spend your day with a ton of regret. 🙂

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All photos are © Niña Sandejas and unathorized use is strictly prohibited. All photos taken using the Sony A7r with 24-70 2.8 and 135 1.8 Zeiss lenses.


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