PULP Goes Back to Red Horse; Slapshock, Greyhoundz, Queso Set to Perform

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The last time that Greyhoundz, Slapshock and Queso shared the stage at PULP Summer Slam was in 2009. In 2010, rumours of Queso disbanding spread and among the three, Greyhoundz and Slapshock were the only ones part of the confirmed line-up.

In 2012, Queso reunited. Several performances were held in the months afterwards, there was KamiQuesoHoundz, Greyhoundz with Slapshock and Queso with Greyhoundz. Heavy rock was at an all time high upon Queso’s return, yet it was only twice in 2013 that the three bands peformed together — one was in an all-star line-up at the 14th Muziklaban Finals and the other at the Brgy. Tibay Anniversary in B-Side which Greyhoundz described, “Parang 1999 lang. KAKAYANIN NYO BA?”

What happened in 1999? 

Back when record labels were at the forefront of defining music trends, the three biggest Philippine labels picked up the three different bands simultaneously. Queso had released their album the year prior and was snapped up by Warner Music, Greyhoundz was adopted by Sony, while Slapshock went to EMI.

Imagine three of the biggest labels in the Philippines were pushing for one genre. You can imagine majority of the scene was filled with nothing but what was called nu-metal.

It was also in 1999 that the very first Pambansang Muziklaban was held.

The Holy Trinity of Rock

Looking at the core of Muziklaban, these three bands had set the foundation of what’s to become the biggest and longest running Pinoy rock band competition in the country. Through the years, thousands of hopefuls join in the hopes to one day be like them.

Slapshock, Greyhoundz and Queso is the BIG 3 of Pinoy Rock. They made history by being the first to bring their kind of music to a much wider audience. Greyhoundz song Pigface defined the whole genre when people started calling it Kupaw music (a misheard term from Pigface’s lyrics which actually read Hupaw). They also released a song that was part of Spiderman 2’s soundtrack. Queso went to perform in Asian festivals such as Korea and Hong Kong and Slapshock has been in and out of the US, Middle East and Asia performing for major festivals until this very day. Many bands followed suit that even Pop-rock band Rivermaya collaborated with Slapshock in their early days, while Kamikazee had always been vocal about Queso being one of their major influences.

The triumvirate is a stronghold that’s pretty hard to collapse. Greyhoundz had Shoot to Kill, Queso had Mottaka and Slapshock had Agent Orange, singles that still resonate to a lot of fans until this very day.

Queso may be the least active among the three, with rare appearances that’s quite hard to catch, which is why the Big 3’s appearance at the PULP Summer Slam is important. The festival’s title Angels Descend seems prophetic, with a somehow timely divine intervention of Red Horse, we get to see the three bands on the same stage once again. Pinoy Rock has never been stronger.

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The Pambansang Muziklaban PULP Summer Slam XV is happening this April 25, 2015 at the Amoranto Stadium. Performances by WilaBaliW, Kjwan, Razorback, Muziklaban 2014 Champion Nobela, Slapshock, Greyhoundz, Queso and international lineup Killswitch Engage, Cradle of Filth, Escape The Fate, Word Alive and Suffocation.

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  1. Great blog! i was a big kupaw member 15 years ago. I still remember the first ever summerslam in rosario sports complex in pasig… that was the rise of the big 3. And i remember slapshock being hated because they had a fight with queso in 2001. Then in pulp summerslam 2 (2002,the fort open field taguig) they reunited and reconciled onstage, ‘houndz was playing when reg called in jamir and ian on stage. Played pigface, then boooom! Stones and plastic bottles fill up the air!

  2. i wish i was still alive to see this day. kaso hindi na c pareng max yung katukanma eh. Tapos bat nag gigirls from ipanema sila? oks lang i hope they play their old songs. Kaso bat naman parang alanganin yung mga kasabay ng sepultura. Dapat mga heavy din. Sana di matulad sa death angel na andami bollocks. Pupunta parin ako kahit patay na ako kasi death.Bwahahah!hoy slapshock wag kayo eepal sa sepultura. Ang mga maganda sana kasabay nitong mga ito eh yung mga deceased,ressurected,bloodshed, at marami pa sa tunay na underground. Mga bollocks wag kayo pupunta coz i will declare martial law if you do. You should just be at home sucking your moms bossom and play ariel rivera. Dont start fights coz malamang na may maligaw na halang ang kaluluwa. Papadala ko mga philippine constabulary ko para hulihin yung nagpapanggap na punk/hardcore/metal! I will declare martial law! Bad trip kayo nung sa death angel! Naka gear na pang punks pero nag saslam sa beer ng itchy worms ba yun? Mahiya naman kayo sa suot ninyo!!!!!

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