Feel the Breezeblocks of Alt-j

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With temperatures expected to hit as high as 40 degrees, Manila weather seems unbearable. So, we look for ways to relieve ourselves of the prickly heat: we take at least two baths a day, drink water religiously, seek comfort inside malls, or sleep naked. But for those who want a different kind of chill to accompany their summer days, listening to the right songs does wonders.

Enter Alt-j, a four-piece band from Leeds that came crashing the shores of the music industry with their brilliant debut, An Awesome Wave. Their experimental sound, unique vocals of Joe Newman and an affinity for complex yet calm constellations of beats is what prompted many to call them as “the new Radiohead.”Their music is a cerebral combination of Afro beats, hiphop hooks, tech touches, wandering guitar riffs and more. Now, they are back with another stellar output in their sophomore release, This Is All Yours. This album is an affirmation to the band’s talent that led to their rapid ascent. It is packed with electronica pulses, volumes of hooks, and those undeniable vocals that is truly Alt-j.

And what a perfect time for this British rock group to first grace Manila than on one of its hottest summers. This May 19, the Mercury Prize winning band will be performing at The Theater at Solaire. Expect a night of crisp beats and the rhythmic swaying of the crowd as Alt-j will transport you to a place where the sun doesn’t hurt the eyes, the nights are breezy and waves of great music will drown you.

To get you started, we created a playlist to amp you up for tomorrow. Think of this as a pre-game drink before the concert. Think of it as dipping your feet into the pool right before jumping into it.

Alt-J Live in Manila is happening tomorrow May 19, 2015 at The Theatre at Solaire, Manila. Brought to you by Karpos Multimedia and Secret Sounds Asia. Tickets are available at Ticketworld