Why Passion Pit is a Band to See Live

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Manila, Philippines — The pinnacle of fandom is seeing your favorite bands play live. Even when a band sounds exactly the same as they are on record, listening to them on a high end home entertainment set-up, or watching unlimited Youtube clips can never equal the exhilarating sound of a live performance. Seeing them in the flesh elevate the experience as stage presence and energy are brought into the mix. With indietronica band Passion Pit performing in the Philippines for the first time this August 13 at the World Trade Center, it’s going to be interesting how their complex synth-based sound will translate on a live stage, but one thing’s for sure, Manila’s definitely in for a treat. Here’s why Passion Pit is a band you should see live:

  1. Complex live set-up

For starters, Passion Pit is essentially just Michael Angelakos, the frontman. He brings in four touring members to bring the head-spinning electro-pop identity that Angelakos has created to the stage. Since Passion Pit’s distinct youthful sound is heavily reliant on electronics and playbacks, the band plays live with as many as three keyboards, analog synthesizers, and Kaoss Pads to go with the acoustic drums and bass guitar.

  1. Singer Michael Angelakos has a four octave vocal range

This puts him in a group with Freddie Mercury, Chris Cornell, and Whitney Houston, but none of these incredible singers use their falsetto voice as often as Angelakos does. His high-pitch singing style rides high with the band’s funky synths and infectious hooks. And those high-notes from the fan-favorite ‘Sleepyhead’ off their debut album Manners, he’ll hit them with no sweat.

  1. Disco meets rave

Passion Pit’s sound is an enjoyable mixture of 70s funk and today’s synth-heavy dance music. People during their live shows cannot stop dancing (even raving) to their pleasant beats and melodic choruses, especially when they play their 2012 single ‘Take a Walk’. Their cheerful musical style and energy makes the atmosphere feel like a party rather than a concert – which is never a bad way to enjoy good music.


  1. Manila is one of the first international cities to hear their latest album Kindred live

Their third studio album Kindred was released just last April 20 and carrier singles ‘Where the Sky Hangs’ and ‘Lifted Up (1985)’ promise a fantastic live performance in front of the rocking Manila crowd. Along with the group’s previous hits from albums Manners and Gossamer, we should expect a good number of songs from Kindred to be played before they go to Australia to continue their album tour.

  1. Happy melodies but depressing lyrics

Singer Michael Angelakos publicly opened in 2012 that he’s suffering from bipolar disorder and most of his experiences from this condition are well-reflected in almost all of his songs. These depressing and honest lyrics (e.g. “Well how I loathe all this obscenity/Is this the way my life has got to be?” from ‘The Reeling’) are masked beneath a joyful swarm of synthesizers, playful beats, and whoa-ohs. One can even argue that their concerts are like fun group-therapy sessions. In any case, it’s going to be amazing to watch such a strong person battle his serious condition in an otherwise happy way.
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Don’t miss Passion Pit’s first ever show here in Manila! Tickets are available at Ticketworld outlets and online. Call 891-9999 for ticket inquiries.

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Featured photo taken from Passion Pit's Facebook.