Old Photos of Eraserheads Guesting at NU107

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These aren’t my photos. I scanned them during the time when everyone was was dreading the day NU107 was about to shut down. Sadly there was a huge filing cabinet of images documenting so many events, but I didn’t have the manpower, the time nor the data capability to be able to archive them all.

Since we’re all on an Eraserheads high right now (well actually we always are) here are some photos I managed to save from the rubble of NU107. I can’t pinpoint the date of this, but based on what everyone is telling me it’s either 96, 97, 98. So fight amongst yourselves! LOL! It could be either from the Alternativity guesting or it could just be a random promotional Eraserheads guesting which people are now also telling me is for Sticker Happy.

Raimund is even sporting the green hair he pegged when they reunited back in 2008!

View also my photos from an Eraserheads rehearsals I covered in 2013 in preparation for their Singapore gig.

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eheads guesting-11 eheads guesting-13 eheads guesting-15 eheads guesting

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  1. Nina, this is from 1997, circa Sticker Happy. The setlist shows Harana + Sticker Happy songs. Green hair Raims is from Sticker Happy. Long Hair Raims is from Ultra/Circus. = )

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