18 Years Strong: Red Horse Muziklaban Celebrates with Free Show

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Ah, 18. The year we deemed as our year of freedom. A year of firsts that come with a daunting independence we have no idea what to do with. The awkwardness of being allowed into the adult realm especially when we have our first “legal” taste of beer.

This year’s Muziklaban gives back to the people with a free show. Those who just turned 18 weren’t even born during the first Muziklaban, but young or old, Red Horse resonates with each and everyone who has the passion for rock.

Last March 11, Muziklaban’s massive following filled Metrowalk Central Plaza with more than 5,000 rock fans. People flocked to watch the best Muziklaban finalists from all over the country performing alongside our Red Horse artists, Pepe Smith, Ely Buendia, Greyhoundz, Mayonnaise, WilaBaliW, Kjwan, Razorback, Slapshock and last year’s winner Insekto Pares.

It was 18 years ago when Red Horse aligned themselves with the band scene just in time when the whole wave of nu-metal happened. Record labels were signing up the heavy side of rock. From Ruel Vernal to Reg Rubio, It was a literal shift from the 80s macho action star image to the heavy rock scene. It was then that a new kind of strong was born.

This wasn’t just a brand identity shift, this was the creation of a culture, one that will not, and cannot be destroyed.

The culture of Muziklaban has kept the music alive and well, churning out the best from all the bands who auditioned in the whole county. New blood and has allowed Red Horse Beer to cultivate this kind of rock for the past 18 years.

Photo by Gee Garcia

Last week’s Rakollision Judging night proclaimed Shotgun Combo from Metro Manila as the winner. The band’s in-your-face funk and hard rock made them stand out from the rest. They’re definitely a band that can hold a note alongside the Red Horse ambassadors.

Photo by Red Rivera

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Photo by Red Rivera