Pushing Boundaries at PULP Summer Slam 2017

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I remember seeing the line-up schedule and went, “Wait a minute, Greyhoundz, Slapshock and WilaBaliW are playing right after Megadeth?!”

The earlier bands must have it easy. Megadeth, performing at the Red Horse Beer Pambansang Muziklaban PULP Summer Slam was a pinnacle moment for a lot of metalheads. Playing right after them was crazy.

The bands were nervous weeks leading up to this, Greyhoundz most especially. Playing right after Megadeth? Everyone made light of the situation by saying, “Thank you Megadeth for opening for us!” 

Everyone talked about how lucky Kjwan, Shotgun Combo and Razorback were lucky to play early and be able to just enjoy the show. No pressure at all.

Yet despite their fears, the result wasn’t even bad. It was as if the crowd held our very own on the same level. To end the evening with something close to home was perfect. The holy metal triumvirate was in fact, inimitable, and holy crap they shouldn’t have been worried in the first place. In fact, the crowd was wilder in a sort of ‘lets give this all we got’ way since the show was about the end.



Each year presented a set of challenges for the Red Horse bands, 2015 was a welcome home after a long time of not performing at the Slam.

2016 was a 16-hour long show, which left the crowd unfazed. To most, 4am felt like 4pm.

This year’s challenge was to play right after a legendary metal band.

As for next year, we’ll probably still be pushing boundaries.


Additional photos by Gee Garcia