Red Horse Beer Kicks Off Extra Strong Campaign with Two TVCs

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First impressions are always important. Why? Because they last just like your first sip of Red Horse Beer.

 In its latest TV Commercials, Red Horse Beer showcases once again the “jolt” that made it famous for being the Beer with that Extra Strong kick! The visuals in the ads make sure you feel that “jolt”.

Inspired by the mannequin challenge, time stops as basketball player Sol Mercado of Barangay Ginebra San Miguel takes a sip of his Red Horse Beer. Everyone in the bar, including Sol, stands frozen but a powerful shockwave throws off food and drinks in all directions.

Only Mercado’s leading lady in the ad, Jodie Tarasek, remains unfrozen as she walks across the bar pushing away the debris in her way as she approaches Sol. The moment she holds the beer bottle in Sol’s hand, time restarts and she and Sol are pulled into a force knocking down several walls.

The other ad features another prominent basketball player, Alab Pilipinas’ Jens Knuttel, who is no stranger to the Red Horse spotlight. He was known for his first role as the boy next door enjoying a drink with neighbors in last year’s Red Horse TVC.

Jens arrives at a bar after work on a payday and his friends tease him about buying them a round of drinks. He agrees as leading lady Loren Burgos catches his eye. As Jens takes his first sip of his beer, he is hit by the legendary jolt. Before he completely thrown aback, Loren gets hold of his tie, steadies him saying “No I.D. required.”

Red Horse has pushed the boundaries for strong men with a liking for beer that gives an extra strong kick like Red Horse. In the two ads, we Sol Mercado and Jens Knuttel get their powerful jolts as they savor the taste of their favorite beer.

In these TV ads, two well-known athletes showed how even the strongest men can get a powerful jolt from drinking Red Horse Beer, albeit not just one, but two jolts especially when they have a strong woman around to bring it all together.

Red Horse continues to show their strength with this campaign highlighting their rightful place as the number one beer.