Things I Learned From Shooting 7 Years of Muziklaban

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More often than not, my favorite photos of Muziklaban aren’t the best photos.  I became a photographer because each moment serves as a bookmark of my life. It’s not just about documenting the history of the music scene, the photographs are my own personal journal. Whatever I see and hear, I learn from it and then it becomes a part of my life too.


Family through music.

I think every moment in your life has been predestined to happen. Like how every photo you take was really meant for you. After the Muziklaban presscon earlier that year, I was assigned to go to Bulacan to take photos of Greyhoundz and WilaBaliW.

Funny how it was these two bands that I have the most photos of. Nino wasn’t the bassist of WilaBaliW yet, but I could see the connection of the two bands when Ian Tayao jammed with Greyhoundz.

Nino was almost hit by a pick up truck earlier that evening and I pushed him out of the way and ultimately I saved his life, which now he has pledged to me forever, haha.

But when I almost fell he wasn’t there to save me.

At this same gig, Ian pushed me when he ran towards the  side of the slippery stage. It was raining hard and the stage was small and too high for most. I almost fell if I hadn’t held on to the pole. He was screaming at Robert to hurry up because they already started the set and he was still backstage.

Sobrang dangerous picturean ni Ian, kasi sa gigs lang ako ng wilabaliw naiinjure. Tatapunan ka din ng beer sa mukha or lilipad ka sa ibabaw ng mesa na puro  bote ng beer kasi yung fans nila nagwawala, haha.



Bacolod with Greyoundz and WilaBaliW.

this was maybe Niño’s second gig with WilaBaliW and while I searched through the photos this year, there was one thing I noticed. It’s been a while since they did this ritual. It’s a good reminder for bands to always pray before a gig. Posting this so hopefully they’ll get the habit back again.


A musician is never late, they arrive precisely when they mean to.

Davao. I have a tick, I don’t like being late. I don’t like people who are late. If I see a minute run past my call time, I die a little bit inside, even if I know everyone else is late, I will be there even if it makes me more tired.

That’s Pat Pulumbarit, Razorback’s manager. The whole band was telling me to relax, assuring me that we were going to make the check-in time. Honestly, we didn’t, but all they did was tell the counter that we were all with Slapshock who just checked in and the guy said, “Ay ganon ba?” Whew. That was close.

We checked in like there was no problem. The lesson for me here is? Relax, everything will sort itself out. (I’m still trying to learn that until now).


Drink Moderately.

Audie: “I wonder what singing through your nose sounds like.” *snort snort pigface*

This was the first indoor Muziklaban gig I went to at the World Trade Center. There was airconditioning and you know when it’s cold, the beer just tastes so good. Everyone that evening was in party mode.


If they don’t stop, you don’t stop.

Take it from the man himself. I mean, if Pepe Smith is still going at it at his age, why should I even complain about little things right now?


Overcoming challenges is empowering

I took this photo when I was 20 weeks pregnant. When you work with these guys for so long that you know what they’re going to do with your eyes closed, your work becomes so much easier. I honestly think that I took better photos when I was pregnant than when I wasn’t. I had something to prove and when I proved that to myself, I felt good. Now I have more to prove now that my body is back to normal, but that’s a good thing. You should always push yourself to work harder.


It’s the fans that make us last this long.

What I was in 2011 was so much different from who I am now, but the fans. Dear God, the fans are just the same. Loyal as ever, getting older, but getting stronger.

It is true what they say, it’s the fans that keep this scene alive, without all of you there would be no Muziklaban.