The Concert Ng Bayan celebrating Coca-Cola’s 100th year happened at the perfect time since it’s start of the summer season. Almost everyone I know are done with school and a lot of kids just graduated. I’m sure everyone was looking for a party on a Friday night and this was a huge event that wasn’t so hard to miss. The whole event was streamed live over at so it could be watched by everyone nationwide. People saw it from SM Baguio, SM Lucena, SM Cebu and SM Davao. 

The performers last night were  Parokya ni Edgar with Gloc 9, Wolfgang, Sandwich with Jay Durias, 6-Cycle Mind with Eunice & Kleggy, Callalily with Ebe Dancel, Rico Blanco with Never the Strangers, Itchyworms, SpongeCola with Chicosci, Pupil and DJ QYork. 

Sarah Geronimo, Gary Valenciano and Somedaydream collaborated for the Coca-Cola Anthem “Tuloy” which they performed before Craig David‘s set.

One of the highlights of the event was the huge building projection of the Coca-Cola bottle. It was a video montage of different Coca-Cola bottles through the years starting from the very first 100 years ago til the latest bottle design this 2012.

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I got to preview some of the bands that are going to perform tonight at the Coca-Cola Concert Ng Bayan to celebrate it’s centennial year. I got to see Chicosci, Ebe Dancel, Rico Blanco, Somedaydream, Callalily and Sandwich which are just some from the massive line-up Coca-Cola has in store for you.

If you’ve noticed I’ve been following the rehearsals of artist collaborations brought to you by Coca-Cola. Coke wants to bring something new and fresh to us and never before seen collaborations are part of this. The Concert ng Bayan will happen tonight as a thank you to everyone who supported Coke. To push happiness further they granted the wishes of everyone who requested to see their favorite bands.



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For Coca-Cola’s 100th year celebration, Ebe dancel, a prolific songwriter we all know from the now defunct band Sugarfree is collaborating with Callalily, best known for frontman Kean Cipriano. They’ll be performing at the Coca-Cola Concert Ng Bayan this Friday, March 23, 2012 at the Mall of Asia grounds. That’s 2 days from now.

A lot of other bands are performing so there will be more collaborations to watch out for. Check out my posts on Spongecola & Chicosci | Sandwich & Jay Durias | and Wolfgang & Gloc-9 who all rehearsed well to give you a great show on Friday.

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When I heard that these two artists were coming together for a collaboration for Coca-Cola’s 100th year celebration concert, I just had to see it to believe it. Wolfgang is one of the heavyweights of rock and have mapped their way through the industry and took the stronghold of being one of the legends. Gloc-9 on the other hand has made sure to continue the legacy that the king of rap, Francis M. has left behind. He has collaborated with various artists and every collaboration with him always ends up a hit so this one’s a bit mind-blowing to see two great artists whom I’ve never seen together before perform on stage.

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Still can’t believe Coca-Cola is 100 years old!!! Anything that reaches this far a milestone deserves a major celebration. To give thanks to the people who have supported Coca-Cola, (which has been a part of our daily life for as long as I could remember), they are going to hold a Concert Ng Bayan, which was based on all the fan requests on which musicians they want to see perform at this concert.

I posted rehearsal photos of Sponge Cola and Chicosci collaboration rehearsal photos I posted a while back, now it’s Sandwich and Jay Durias doing a mash-up of their two most well-known songs. I think if I tell you what song it is, it wouldn’t be as awesome as how it would be if you were surprised. Nothing beats seeing and hearing it for yourselves at the concert.


I’m very thankful I got to see and hear this up-close before anyone else did, but I’m here to share you what I saw and asking you to come to the Coca-Cola Concert ng Bayan because it’s going to be a once in a lifetime event. You only get to experience a centennial event once… and I’m actually glad I’m alive in this era despite always wishing I was in the very early days of the music scene (to document it) because we’ve never been so lucky to have such a vibrant and extremely talented set of local musicians.

So save the date: MARCH 23, 2012 at the MALL OF ASIA GROUNDS. Details will be posted at and tickets may be given away by Caloy, The President of Happiness for Coca-Cola on his twitter and facebook.

This is the 3rd project of Caloy, the first two before this you may have heard was the Milyun-milyong pasasalamat kay Mommy promo and the Free Coke day!


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Coca-Cola is celebrating it’s 100th year as a thank you to all the people who supported Coke, a huge concert will be held at the Mall of Asia Grounds on March 23, 2012 called Concert ng Bayan.

The people have spoken on which artists they want to see live and because of this Coca-Cola was able to make it happen. As a thank you, Coca-Cola granted all our wishes to see our favorite artists and to even spice up the event, they asked these bands to collaborate in a performance.

The Concert ng Bayan is Caloy’s (The President for Happiness of Coca-Cola’s) 3rd big project. His first two are the Free Coke Day and the Milyun-milyong Pasasalamat para kay Mommy Promo.

You probably know I love photographing collaborations, seeing artists with varied musical
styles create a mash-ups is something that I always like to consider a historical moment. It’s
quite apt, since a 100 year mark is a momentous event and needs to be celebrated with just as
equally unforgettable performances.

More photos below

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