It was the morning of the MYX Awards that we found out that Karl Roy had passed away. The sadness was overwhelming that we had to actually think twice about going to the event, but by not going we wouldn’t give justice to the music and friendship that Karl gave all of us. A big part of me wanted to go and talk about Karl to everyone, the stories I’ve heard before and the stories that are new to me. I guess it’s why I kept on saying that I didn’t know it was the last time I would be able to see him. It was difficult to talk about it when asked, but we all have that little piece of regret that not a lot of people would admit as to not spending more time with him, gripping on all the memories we have of Karl, hoping it’ll make him whole, or in some way, make him alive again.

Pardon the repetitive and almost disjointed speech, this is why I deserve to be behind the camera.

Rest in Peace Karl.

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How do I describe this? It’s not like any other event I go to, it’s the same faces, same musicians, same people, same set up. There were tents outside, a stage for jamming — it was like the ultimate backstage in a big event, except there was one who wasn’t physically present…

Karl Roy was sorely missed. It wasn’t a party without him, but despite the looming sadness, everyone celebrated the colorful life he lived. We saw old friends, and all our conversations about were the happy moments we spent with Karl — even the crazy ones made us all laugh. You just have to expect Karl to bring us all together and make it a big celebration as how he would have wanted it.

He may not be there to joke around and make silly faces, but he was definitely present in everyone who went with a story of how Karl made an impact in our lives.

Karl Roy's shades

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