Paolo Valenciano and Samantha Godinez

Paolo Valenciano and Sam Godinez Wedding 2013

I know it’s a year late, but I was reminded about how I had these photos when Paolo and Sam started posting their anniversary celebration pictures on instagram. I remember how some friends I kept on taking photographs that night just gave up waiting because I didn’t post their pictures soon enough. Well here they […]


He Who Holds The iPod Has The Power

You know how it goes, several bars on a strip have huge speakers outside of each and every one of them, and each are playing different music as loud as they could. For one to hold a party with a lot of musicians invited that would be a nightmare. It was a Sunday night in […]


Kim Marvilla at NU107

May 7, 2009 – Kim Marvilla attempting to smoke through the NU107 doors on a rainy evening. The doors were covered with a translucent album cover design of U2′s No Line On The Horizon.


Worst photos of the best party ever!

I didn’t take any photos last Monday at Izakaya during Kim Marvilla‘s birthday party, but I found these in my camera. I knew Kerin and Francis held it but there were some photos I would have guessed someone else took pictures of. I was on a break and wasn’t really up to taking photos, but […]


HOLY MONDAY! Party of The Year!!!

NINAMAN’s LATE BIRTHDAY and JOREL GO AWAY PARTY: I celebrated my birthday last March 30th. I don’t normally celebrate. Usually, I’d be out at a gig and someone would give me a birthday cake and a small group of people would start singing. For some reason, I felt like I had to throw a party […]


Friends and Four Year Strong

Sonic Boom Philippines brought Four Year Strong to Manila last February 17, 2012. It was intimate and perfect and I knew almost everyone there that night, most of which saw my new hair cut for the first time and wondered why there was a little boy in the crowd. LOL.