I know it’s a year late, but I was reminded about how I had these photos when Paolo and Sam started posting their anniversary celebration pictures on instagram. I remember how some friends I kept on taking photographs that night just gave up waiting because I didn’t post their pictures soon enough. Well here they are! One year later! haha classic me!

Anyway I wanted to post this because this wedding played a big part in shaping my life the past year all because of a sweet gesture Pao and Sam did, they didn’t even know how massively it would affect Niño and I so I love them even more for that.

Paolo Valenciano and Sam Godinez Wedding February 7, 2013

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You know how it goes, several bars on a strip have huge speakers outside of each and every one of them, and each are playing different music as loud as they could. For one to hold a party with a lot of musicians invited that would be a nightmare.

It was a Sunday night in Gweilos Eastwood and it was the Part Two party of the Francis Brew Bonanza Series as we call it. It was just a regular party, especially for those who missed PART ONE, because most bands have gigs on Wednesday nights and some people have work the next day.

During the latter part of the evening Francis took over the sound booth and blasted the speakers with Foo Fighters’ “Bridge Burning” and all the other bars gave up. What can you do? Gweilos was full of rockstars and you really can’t beat rock music in a speaker showdown. I was actually complaining that my eardrums were popping and practically the whole of Eastwood heard what music we were all playing.

It was an NU107 Reunion of sorts, too — Trish, Jay, Roanna, Evee, April, Cyrus and Kim, Glenn Sibal and Gelo Lagasca were there. Too bad Pontri and Shannen couldn’t make it. The usual suspects from the last party were there and there were actually some who we didn’t expect to arrive but did!!!

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I didn’t take any photos last Monday at Izakaya during Kim Marvilla‘s birthday party, but I found these in my camera. I knew Kerin and Francis held it but there were some photos I would have guessed someone else took pictures of. I was on a break and wasn’t really up to taking photos, but I’m glad there were some to sub for me, but I’m posting these because they’re IN my camera. I don’t even remember what was happening in some of the pictures.

Don’t get me wrong, I have to admit that some of these photos are more fun than some of your “usual” party photos. I love how it’s so in-your-face and raw and unexpected. There are some below that tell more of a story than a perfect one and it can be a lesson to photographers who end up thinking too much about the technicality of a shot.

The party was held at the Japanese Bar Izakaya in Greenbelt 3 where Kim spins every Monday night. I don’t know what it is about Monday’s but if you recall, the PARTY OF THE YEAR was also held on a Monday. Haha. Before going there, a whole bunch of us watched The Avengers. We had a few drinks before heading to the party so you can guess why I love these unfocused and weirdly angled shots, because it was exactly how the party was that night, haha! Well at least for me it did!

It’s not ALL that bad, but there are just some really funny ones.

More photos below

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I celebrated my birthday last March 30th. I don’t normally celebrate. Usually, I’d be out at a gig and someone would give me a birthday cake and a small group of people would start singing. For some reason, I felt like I had to throw a party this year. After all when you turn 29, you find the need to celebrate since you won’t be in your twenties anymore. I think I threw a children’s party on my 12th birthday, with really small tables because I had that feeling then that it should be different when you’re a teenager, and it did change. The moment I turned 13 I was a rebel in the making, trying to finding my place… I wore Megadeth to Nirvana shirts then I tried out baggy pants. From listening to heavy metal and grunge I explored hiphop and then found myself in the club scene before I turned 18.

When I graduated highschool, I met the people who were going to lead me to where I am now and despite dismissing all my friends’ claims that rock was where my heart belonged, it was actually true. Music is one of the glues that keep people together. You may not like someone, but admire their taste in music and I actually feel VERY VERY blessed because I have friends that I admire so much.

Jorel Corpus, one of my bestest friends and a very awesome musician / producer that I admire, is leaving again to continue his studies in Berklee School of Music in Boston tomorrow. It wasn’t all that hard to invite our friends because almost all our friends know each other anyway.

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My name is Niña Sandejas. Duly educated in fashion but would rather take photos of musicians and go to concerts for a living.

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