I know it’s a year late, but I was reminded about how I had these photos when Paolo and Sam started posting their anniversary celebration pictures on instagram. I remember how some friends I kept on taking photographs that night just gave up waiting because I didn’t post their pictures soon enough. Well here they are! One year later! haha classic me!

Anyway I wanted to post this because this wedding played a big part in shaping my life the past year all because of a sweet gesture Pao and Sam did, they didn’t even know how massively it would affect Niño and I so I love them even more for that.

Paolo Valenciano and Sam Godinez Wedding February 7, 2013

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This was such a random Saturday night.

Mark Escueta of Rivermaya invited me to attend their gig & hear a couple of the new songs their working on for a new album. When I got to Makati Avenue, half of the street was closed-off. There was a stage on the street, and as you head towards A-Venue, another bigger stage was set-up. I didn’t know I was going to a HUGE gig and I didn’t know if the camera I brought would be able to help me document the performances.

Then I saw the line-up Parokya Ni Edgar was also performing that night. Chito told the audience a story about how Vinci auditioned to be Rivermaya’s vocalist then and good thing Mike Elgar didn’t like him because he was almost going to quit the band… Of course that’s not entirely true :)

What made my night was when Parokya Ni Edgar started playing “ELESI” one of my favorite Rivermaya songs (and they kind of mixed up the lyrics, haha), just so Vinci could sing the “tugudugtugudugdug” part, haha! Norby has it on video YOU CAN VIEW IT BELOW!!!

I wasn’t planning on working that night, but as usual I couldn’t help not to take photos. I only had the trusty FUJI x100 with me. So all of these shots were taken with that ever reliable camera that’s very convenient for me to bring around. :)

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Every year we have this tradition of a Post New Year’s party with friends. I wasn’t able to have it in my house this year because it’s a mess and I’ve been so busy. Plus the Elgars have this new beautiful house we’re trying to take advantage of using, haha! Since our schedules only permitted that we meet yesterday, everyone made it a trio birthday party, since it was Mark’s birthday last January 9.

If you remember the last time I attended Mark’s birthday party, it was a surreal experience seeing Bamboo there and how great friends they all still are. I am a Rivermaya fan, mainly because if it weren’t for the music, I wouldn’t be in this simple spot in my career, probably stuck behind a desk at a law office. Whenever I start the year with Rivermaya, there’s always something epic that happens. Always. And by the title of this post, you already know why.

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Super Happy Birthday Mark!!!

Mark’s parents asked everyone to give their birthday wishes and what touched me the most is when Bamboo(and I’ll just paraphrase him a bit because you know how parties and memories go, but this struck me) toldMark that night:

“It’s been a while, but I’m glad that when I look across the table, I still see my old friend.”


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