Last Saturday the 16th Rakrakan series was the Red Horse Muziklaban 2012 Kick Off. Like most Rakrakan events, it’s a showcase of the sound and culture that Red Horse Beer has to offer this coming year with performances from the Red Horse Beer bands, the previous winners of the past competitions including the Muziklaban 2011 reigning champion David Vs. Goliath.

In the 14 years that Muziklaban existed, Red Horse Beer has managed to help amateur bands gain the spotlight they need. This is the ONLY brand that has managed to shine a light and CREATE a massive scene with their constant support of the Filipino rock culture. They have given productions, bands and fans the means to be able to express their undying loyalty to music behind the scenes, on stage and from the audience respectively. From what once was merely in the underground shadows is, year after year, fast emerging into a bigger and better campaign to search for the next generation of rock musicians.

Previous winners from 2004 – 2010 Hatankaru, Gayuma, Ibarra, Even, Light of Luna, Mayonnaise and 2011’s David Vs. Goliath perfomed in front of the craziest crowd that is always present whenever there’s a Red Horse Beer event.

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