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Nathan Azarcon – Frontman and Centerpiece

June 2, 2012 – On trashing hotels…..

At Sofitel backstage at the 1st Manila Jazz and Blues Guitar Festival. HIJO played last. Rarely seen in music events are the chaos that occurs. There’s just something about being in hotel premises that make people rock and roll. (L-R: Nicole Asensio of General Luna, Junji Lerma, Ira Cruz and Vic Mercado (HIJO) and of course Nathan Azarcon at the center while Francis Brew holds his leg)


My Top 11 Best Gigs of 2011

A great gig for me doesn’t always produce a great photo. But when the moment is there, sometimes it’ll just naturally come across in the pictures. Like my last post of Top 10 Random Music Moments, this post is personal and features just some concerts that I’ve attended which were memorable to me. Below are some of the gigs that got stuck in my mind all throughout the year. They’re not necessarily the best gig for everyone, but they were definitely good enough for me to make it to this list.

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