The Rakrakan Series

It’s one thing to see musicians express themselves in a performance, but it’s a totally different level when the audience shows how much they love music. The Rakrakan events have always been one of the wildest, most colorful events I’ve ever been to. This particular one held last December 29, 2011 at Blue Wave in […]


Preview Magazine Creative IT List 2011

There you go…. I’m a part of this year’s Creative IT List. I have to admit, my soul jumped out of my body for a bit upon seeing this. The past several years have been one hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride. For some people what I do is similar to being an auto mechanic. […]


Cinematographer Regiben Romana: A former Punk Music Photographer

This is Regiben Romana, I met him at the recent PMPC Star Awards. He was nominated for his work in the recent “Panday”. We were all early so while waiting he happened to talk about what he did before becoming a cinematographer. His stories blew me away. He was the photographer of the Eraserheads (he […]