It’s one thing to see musicians express themselves in a performance, but it’s a totally different level when the audience shows how much they love music.

RED HORSE BEAR: Pardon the pun. The first band Jurassic Pards had a band member who came out in a bear costume.

The Rakrakan events have always been one of the wildest, most colorful events I’ve ever been to. This particular one held last December 29, 2011 at Blue Wave in Macapagal was the 15th of its series. What I’ve noticed about these events is that there are a lot of groups who bring their banners, majority of them come from different parts of the region: Cavite, Bulacan, etc. waving their flags as sole rock representative of those cities.

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My name is Niña Sandejas. Duly educated in fashion but would rather take photos of musicians and go to concerts for a living.

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