The Indie Culture website interviewed me recently about music photography.

I’m not really a fan of live recorded interviews as my mind tends to sway off course sometimes. We’ve tried to schedule this many times in the past and finally we got to schedule a session last Sunday. Unfortunately I have to say that the night before I suddenly got sick, but didn’t have the heart to cancel it once more. I tried my best to answer the questions well and I hope that whoever is watching this got to understand it.

The Indie Culture is started by a group of independent art lovers from Los Baños which features establishments, events, artists from Laguna and according to their website, “Eventually, this ambitious project will broaden its scope, covering not only eLBi, but also the entire province of Laguna, and who knows, it will grow into a region or maybe nationwide e-zine.” It’s not far from happening, since the website’s focus is distinctly geared towards the independent scene.

With a hard working staff, great writers, editors and photographers. You have to keep checking this site for more news on the independent art scene.


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My name is Niña Sandejas. Duly educated in fashion but would rather take photos of musicians and go to concerts for a living.

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